2024 Lecture Schedule

Morning lectures are from 8:30AM–12:00PM and daily lab sessions are 1:00–5:00PM.

Evening lectures are from 6:30–7:30PM. All lectures will be held in PAIS 1100.

Week 1

Sunday June 23rd

IceBreaker (6:00PM; Flock of Moons Brewing and Buen Provecho)


Monday June 24th

Introductions and Logistics (8:30AM)

Lecture (9:30AM): Isotope Foundations: Terminology, Fractionation, and Measurement – Zachary Sharp (UNM)

Lecture+Lab Students: Project Development and Fieldwork (12:00–6:00PM; Lunch Provided: Lab+Lecture Students)

Lecture Only Students: Center for Stable Isotopes Tour (1:30–4:30PM)


Tuesday June 25th

Lecture (8:30AM): Stable Isotopes in Water – Todd Dawson (UC Berkeley)

Evening Lecture (5:30–8:30PM; Dinner–Chello Grill): Stable Isotope Instrumentation – Viorel Atudorei (UNM), Chris Brodie (IsoAlba NZ), and Rick Wehr (Aerodyne Research)


Wednesday June 26th

Lecture (8:30AM): Plant Carbon in Terrestrial Ecosystems – Lucas Cernusak (James Cook University)

Afternoon Lecture (1:30–3:00PM or 3:30–5:00PM): QA/QC and Data Analysis – Laura Burkemper (UNM-CSI)


Thursday June 27th

Lecture (8:30AM): Nitrogen in Terrestrial Ecosystems – Jed Sparks (Cornell University)

Evening Lecture (5:30–8:00PM; Dinner–Thai House II): Animal Isotope Ecology and Physiology – Seth Newsome (UNM)


Friday June 28th

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry of the Oceans – Lael Vetter (University of Arizona)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Biology of the Oceans – Brian Popp (University of Hawaii)


Saturday June 29th

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): Isotopic Incorporation – Thure Cerling (University of Utah)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Animal Paleoecology – Paul Koch (UC Santa Cruz)

Group Project Presentations (2:00–4:00PM)

Dinner (5:00PM; La Fonda del Bosque)


Sunday June 30th

Rest Day in Sandia Mountains (Lunch Provided): morning hikes/bikes and afternoon picnic (Cienega Canyon Picnic Ground, Sandia Mountains)


Week 2

Monday July 1st

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): The Global Carbon Cycle – Dan Breecker (University of Texas at Austin)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Paleoclimate Proxies – Soumaya Belmecheri (University of Arizona)

Lecture+Lab Students: Project Development and Fieldwork (12:00–6:00PM; Lunch Provided: Lab+Lecture Students)

Lecture Only Students: Lab Work (1:30–5:00PM)


Tuesday July 2nd

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): Terrestrial Carbonates and Clumped Isotopes – Katie Snell (University of Colorado Boulder)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Triple Oxygen Isotopes – Jordan Wostbrock (Yale University)

Afternoon Workshops (2:30PM + 4:00PM): Running a Lab (Atudorei/Brodie) + Mixing Models in R (Shipley)

Evening Lecture (5:30–8:00PM; Dinner–M'Tucci's): Isotopes in Forensics – Christy Mancuso (UNM)


Wednesday July 3rd

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): Isotopic Studies in Four Dimensions: People and Animals in the Past – Tamsin O'Connell (University of Cambridge)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Amino Acid Isotope Analysis – Seth Newsome (UNM)

Afternoon Workshops (2:30PM + 4:00PM): Box Models (Breecker) + IsoBank (Shipley/Newsome)


Thursday July 4th

Lecture 1 (8:30AM): Microbial Isotope Ecology – Sebastian Kopf (University of Colorado Boulder)

Lecture 2 (10:30AM): Oxygen Isotopes in Phosphates – Ruth Blake (Yale University)


Friday July 5th

Lecture (8:30AM): Molecular Isotopic Analysis – Pratigya Polissar (UC Santa Cruz)

Project Presentation Preparation (12:00–3:00PM; Lunch–Los Victors)

Group Project Presentations (3:00–5:30PM)

Graduation Dinner (6:00PM; Hodgin Hall)

After Party (9:00PM; Bosque Brewing Company)